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Bloomberg: Goldman’s Former Head of Digital Asset Markets Joins Startup

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s former Head of Digital Asset Markets, Justin Schmidt, just became head of strategy at crypto-trading engineering company Talos. Schmidt left Goldman late last year as the firm was getting close to offering investment vehicles for Bitcoin and other digital assets to clients. During Schmidt’s tenure, Goldman also invested in cryptocurrency prime

Appetite for Disruption Podcast: Capital Markets People like Blockchain

Christine Sandler, Joel Revill, and Anton Katz have at least one thing in common: they are all traditional capital markets people who have migrated to blockchain. Anton started Talos; Joel started 2 Oceans Trust; and Christine led Fidelity into the space. From their very different but intersecting vantage points, we hear the story of the

Markets Media: Tipping Point Reached For Institutions In Crypto

Growing confidence in crypto custody capabilities is also being led by the entry of established industry participants. Last year traditional custodians Northern Trust, Bank of New York Mellon, Nomura, Standard Chartered, BBVA, and DBS have said they will enter the digital asset space. Anton Katz, founder and chief executive of Talos, which provides an institutional-grade

TabbFORUM: After the Gold Rush: The Institutionalization of Digital Assets

The value of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed over the last half year, particularly for Bitcoin, which gets most of the headlines and hit $34,000 in recent days. This phenomenal rise in value has drawn increased institutional interest, but there is one hindrance to a wider spread adoption of this new “asset class” for mainstream money managers:

The TRADE News: The TRADE’s Crystal Ball 2021: FinTech, RegTech and Crypto

Gaze into The TRADE’s crystal ball for insights from FinTech and RegTech providers, as well as participants in the crypto space on their predictions for the year ahead. “There’s little doubt that institutional investor adoption of digital assets is heading toward a tipping point. 2021 could be a pivotal year for this asset class due

FinOps Report: Digital Asset Market 2021: The Year of the Institutional Investor?

FinOps Report asked eight well-known legal experts and service providers in the digital asset market to predict what they think will happen or hope will happen in 2021 that will either increase or decrease institutional interest in the cryptoasset market. Anton Katz, chief executive of Talos, an end-to-end technology platform for institutional cryptoasset trading, clearance